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Last updated: May 30, 2022

Apollo42 Platform (hereinafter ‘Apollo42’) takes members’ (customers’) privacy seriously and complies with The General Data Protection Regulation (EU).

Apollo42 has established this privacy policy to show how personal information provided by customers is used for what purposes and what measures are taken to protect personal information.

This privacy policy contains various policies related to Apollo42’s personal information and Apollo42 discloses this policy on its website or service so that customers can view it easily anytime.
Apollo42 will set up the process where customers can agree to Apollo42’s Terms and conditions and Privacy policy and collect and use personal information when customers start using service.
Personal Information to be Collected and How It Is Collected 

Apollo42 collects the following personal information to provide service.

1) Items to Be Collected:

When the customer uses the service: ID, nickname, device information (model, OS version, device ID), IP address, city, language, communication provider, store, telephone number, record on use of service, access record, cookie, participation in promotion/event, information to send prizes;

- When the customer publishes NFTs on the marketplace: the content created and uploaded on the website of Apollo42 (art, music, videos, in-game items etc.) as well as information about that content and metadata associated with the content;

- When the customer purchases and sells NFTs on the marketplace: transaction history;

- When the customer uses customer support, including by way of authorization of the customer: telephone number, name, e-mail address, cookies.

2) How Apollo42 Collects Personal Information:

- When the customer downloads and runs the service for the first time, accesses the network, contacts the customer center, participates in content and service promotion/events, accesses the in-house content and service platform, accesses the partner platform, Apollo42 collects personal information

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information 

Apollo42 uses collected personal information only for following purposes:

- Service provision, improving the functioning of the NFT marketplace and billing;

- Notice to event winners, delivery of prizes, billing for content;

- Member management: Identify members, prevent illegal activities and authorized use, check member’s age, obtain approval from guardians of members who are 14 years or younger, respond to complaints, deliver notices, and customize service for each customer;

- Marketing, Promotion, Partnership and Commission: Develop new services (products), deliver promotional information on goods and events, provide demographic service and advertisement, check access frequency or collect statistical data on service access or provide promotion/event service.

2) If the customer agrees to share his/her personal information with third parties or applicable law permits, Apollo42 can provide personal information for third parties.

Retention Period of Personal Information 

1) Apollo42 can retain and use members’ personal information collected with their consent as long as they use service.

2) Apollo42 can take necessary measures such as destruction of personal information for those who do not access service for one year in a row.

3) According to applicable law, if Apollo42 needs to keep personal information, it will store such personal information during the period specified in applicable law (however, access limit records will be maintained during the service period).

4. Destruction of Personal Information 

Basically, Apollo42 will destroy personal information immediately after fulfilling its purposes. Personal information will be destroyed as follows:

- Procedure: If personal information approved by the customer for Apollo42’s collection exceeds its retention period or should be maintained even after its purpose has been fulfilled according to applicable law, Apollo42 will move it to the separate data castle or save it in a difference place for destruction. Apollo42 will use personal information only for purposes permitted by applicable law;

- Method: Personal information stored in the form
of an electronic file will be destroyed irrecoverably.

Security Measures for Personal Information 

1) Apollo42 has taken following measures to protect personal information from loss, theft, leakage, falsification or damage:

Technical Measures: Manage access to the personal information processing system, set up the access control system, and data backup;

- Physical Measures: Approve data storage and control access.

2) However, Apollo42 does not take responsibility for damage which is caused to the member in the area not controlled by Apollo42.

Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties 

1) Basically, Apollo42 does not share customers’ personal information with third parties.

2) However, there are exceptions as follows:

- When Apollo42 obtains customers’ consent in advance;

- When investigators make a request according to applicable law;

- When it is necessary for statistics, academic study or market research and personal information is processed so that each member cannot be identified;

- When it is necessary to provide customer with better service.

3) Apollo42 may also share customers’ information with:

- Its service providers and agents (including their sub-contractors) or third parties which process information on our behalf (e.g. internet service and platform providers and those organizations we engage to help us send communications to you) so that they may help us to provide customer with the products and information customer have requested or which is of interest to customer;

- Regulators to meet legal and regulatory obligations of Apollo42;

- Any third party in the context of actual or threatened legal proceedings, provided we can do so lawfully (for example in response to a court order);

- Any third party in order to meet Apollo42’s legal and regulatory obligations, including statutory or regulatory reporting or the detection or prevention of unlawful acts;

- Apollo42’s own professional advisors and auditors for the purpose of seeking professional advice or to meet our audit responsibilities;

- Another organization if Apollo42 sells or buys (or negotiates to sell or buy) any business or assets;

- Another organization to whom Apollo42 may transfer our agreement with customer.

7. Rights of Members and Their Legal Representatives, and How to Exercise Them 

1) Members and their legal representatives can view or modify their personal information or that of children under 14*) (‘Children’) and make a secession request. If Apollo42 needs to collect and use the personal information of Children, it will obtain consent from their legal representative. To do this, Apollo42 can request legal representatives for their name, address, and other minimum information. Personal information of such legal representatives will not be used for other purposes than confirming their consent or will not be shared with third parties.

2) Members and their legal representative can cancel their consent to provide their personal information any time. Members and their legal representative can view and correct their personal information by sending mail to the customer center. If such correction request is received, Apollo42 will not use or provide such personal information until it is corrected. Also, if wrong personal information is provided for third parties, Apollo42 will send corrected one to such their parties without delay.

3) Apollo42 will process personal information deleted by a request from members or their legal representatives according to its terms and conditions and will not use it for other purposes.


Apollo42 can install and implement cookies to automatically save and find customers’ personal information from time to time. With cookies, Apollo42 can identify customers’ devices but not each customer.

9. Further information

If customer believes his account has been compromised or customer has any queries about how Apollo42 treats his information, the contents of this Privacy Policy, his rights under local law, how to update his records or how to obtain a copy of the information that Apollo42 holds about customer, please contact us at


*) for the USA – children under 13, for the EU – children under 16

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